Shelly’s Hair Hugs


I have fallen in love!

With a product that hugs your hair, simplifies your life, and dresses up any style! 

Have you heard of Lilla Rose? Maybe you're saying, "What is Lilla Rose?" or maybe you're saying, "I LOVE their products, I own at least 10!" Either way, welcome to this page! 

Lilla Rose specializes in hair jewelry accessories for your hair! They are beautiful, comfortable, quality products that will get many oohs and ahhs as you wear them around town! Flexi-clips, hair sticks, U-pins, hairbands, bobbies... even badge clips! 

Lilla Rose is perfect for any and every hair type, whether it be thin or thick, straight or curly, long or short, or even if you are a scarf-wearing warrior. 

If you don't already have a stylist, I'd absolutely love to be yours! Please visit my page here and create a customer profile so you never miss a single special! No need to purchase anything unless and until you're ready. No pressure. 

I'd love to show you and your friends what this amazing product is all about! I'd love to share the Lilla Rose opportunity with any of you who may be curious about that, as well. 

Please contact me at with any questions or comments. 

Hair Hugs!!