An Awareness Campaign

Surely the Lord is in the this place, and I was not aware of it. – Genesis 28:16

photo credit: Doha Sam via photopin cc

photo credit: Doha Sam via photopin cc

Have you ever felt this way? I know I have.

We’re in the wilderness, no doubt about it. Our throats are parched, our lips are cracked, our hope is jaded.

Night closes in until even closing our eyes seems a relief from the darkness. The blistering heat overshadows and underlines each movement we dare to make.

Stretch out on the unyielding ground, pillow your head on the smoothest stone. There, that’s better, isn’t it?

But then… oh, then….

Then our eyes can behold something human eyes weren’t made to see. We can peer beyond the veil, cling desperately to the promise of a blessing. Moments are made, a balm is spread, and hope is restored.

And we wake to find that the Lord is surely in this place. We remove our sandals, realizing we are standing on Holy Ground.

I think what the Lord needs is an awareness campaign. We can wear buttons, and they’ll say “He’s here.” And no matter where we go, it will be true! Because the Lord is in this place. He’s in every place. He’s inside me and you.

Let’s wear our buttons proudly, plaster our neighborhoods with fliers, phone a friend, Tweet it out! Raise awareness!

He’s Here!

Heavenly Father, forgive me for being unaware of all the times and places that You’ve been with me! Thank You for never leaving me. Help me to be aware and to spread awareness. In Jesus’ Name, Amen…

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