Carissa’s Corner: Trust God’s Plans for You!


Did you know that God actually has some really good plans for you?

Well, He does!

Even if you’re going through something really rough in your life and it seems anything but organized, trust me, everything is going as planned. Everybody has to go through some kind of challenges before you actually get where you need to be to live the incredible life that God has planned for you.

Sometimes you get placed in a really difficult position where you don’t really believe the fact that you have a really good purpose. That purpose is to show Gods love to others. Everybody does it in different ways. It just depends on what God has planned for you, or how He thinks you can best contribute to helping others.

Some have it pretty difficult, while others have it fairly easy. But no matter how hard life’s challenges get, just trust that God has planned so many incredible things for your life.

You have to go through the darkness to see the light.

Blessings from the corner,


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5 Comments on “Carissa’s Corner: Trust God’s Plans for You!

  1. I am certain God has some pretty incredible things planned for your life, Carissa! I can’t wait to see them unfold! <3

  2. Thanks for this encouragement and this reminder that God is with us through all and in all, thankfully!!
    God bless you and your writing.
    Many need to hear your voice.
    Keep up this great writing.
    Love Mama Mary.xx

  3. Oh, how true that we have to go through the darkness to see the light, Carissa. This song, too, has often been such a comfort to me, especially in those dark times. Thank you for encouraging me today. Blessings and hugs to you!
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