Come Out Swinging

The LORD himself will fight for you. Just stay calm. – Exodus 14:14

To “come out swinging” means to strongly defend yourself or something you believe in… I’m a fighter, so when I hear this, something inside me says, “Yes!”

But let’s try a different tactic today, shall we? Let’s practice fighting the biblical way.

The LORD himself will fight for you.

Could we ask for anything more? Could we find a finer champion?

Just stay calm.

Ah. There’s the rub, isn’t it? Just. Stay. Calm.

I’ll take a page from my precious little nephew’s book on this one.

photo credit: lorenkerns via photopin cc

photo credit: lorenkerns via photopin cc

The kind of swinging that calms him most is more the kind our King has in mind, don’t you think?

The next time you hear “come out swinging”, well… do just that.

The LORD himself will fight for you. Just stay calm.

Lord Jesus, remind us today, when it feels like a fight, that You have other plans for us. Better plans. Sweet plans. Help us to trust. In Jesus’ Name, Amen…

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One Comment on “Come Out Swinging

  1. so Glad the God of the Angel armies is fighting for YOU, precious one !!

    You are so worth fighting FOR.

    May you know His amazing supernatural over-coming day after day as you hang out with Him and worship Him with all you’ve got.

    Prayers and LOVE++++++.

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