He Calls You By Name

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And I will give you treasures hidden in the darkness—
secret riches.
I will do this so you may know that I am the Lord,
the God of Israel, the one who calls you by name. – Isaiah 45:3

People are so funny about knowing each other’s names. It’s like it gives us a certain edge over others, if we can be on a first-name basis with somebody special. Today, I want to remind you that God knows your name. It’s the name He adores.

The name-dropping that’s going on in Heaven, the angels rejoice to hear your name from His lips. They wait with longing till the moment when He pulls you close and whispers it right into your ear. What a day of rejoicing that will be! It matters not to Him whether you could get out of bed today.

This Great Master, Creator of all, who named the galaxies and calls the specific stars, He knows you just as intimately. He finds you no less captivating than the most awe-inspiring of His creations. Your brokenness is beautiful to Him… sheer perfection.

He heals the brokenhearted
and bandages their wounds.
He counts the stars
and calls them all by name.
How great is our Lord! His power is absolute!
His understanding is beyond comprehension! – Psalm 147:3-5

night star photo

The whispers stop the moment you walk into the room, Beloved. Everyone waits with bated breath to hear what delight the Holy Lord will reveal toward you. Those things you’ve not been able to do today? They aren’t even on His radar. He’s too busy bragging about your faith and courage.

All who are victorious will be clothed in white. I will never erase their names from the Book of Life, but I will announce before my Father and his angels that they are mine. – Revelation 3:5

You are His. Do you know that today? Do you feel it even through the pain? Do you see it shining brightly in the dark? He knows your name. You’re the one that the angels share a secret smile over…. “Look, He’s all ga-ga over her again.”

He believes in you. Let that be enough today, won’t you?

But now, O Jacob, listen to the Lord who created you.
O Israel, the one who formed you says,
“Do not be afraid, for I have ransomed you.
I have called you by name; you are mine.
When you go through deep waters,
I will be with you.
When you go through rivers of difficulty,
you will not drown.
When you walk through the fire of oppression,
you will not be burned up;
the flames will not consume you.
For I am the Lord, your God,
the Holy One of Israel, your Savior. – Isaiah 43:1-3a

Dear God, that You would desire to know my name just leaves me awestruck. Please help that to be enough today, for all who are hurting. In Jesus’ Name, Amen…

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4 Comments on “He Calls You By Name

  1. Great picture of how God delights in each one of us! A great thought to start off the day! Visiting from #fellowshipFriday.

  2. I adore this God who invites us to know Him personally and intimately; this One who already knows me this way yet beckons me still to confide in Him. Thank you for pointing us to this One, and for linking up with us at Grace & Truth!

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