Seek First Project: In Case of Emergency (Day 2)

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When my anxious thoughts multiply within me, Your consolations delight my soul. - Psalm 94:19
God is so good to console us. His Spirit comforts us, and is always with us. Sometimes He whispers to us, just what we need to hear in the most anxious of moments. Other times, consolation comes in the hug of a friend, or a card in the mail, or a perfectly timed email or phone call. I find great consolation in God's word, or the perfect song for a difficult time.
My activity for today is to make a go-to emergency "bag of tricks". I find it really difficult to remember what should be simple helps when I'm in the thick of the anxious situation. A beautiful friend told me about making an emergency pack that they keep with them. I love the idea!
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This can be an actual bag, or something as simple as a manila envelope or file folder. If you're super-creative, you can make it as elaborate as you like. I enjoy crafting, but they don't enjoy me, so mine is just a manila envelope.
Inside, I have:
*pictures of family and friends
*phone numbers of people who don't mind a call in times like this (this can include a therapist)
*a list of things that I can do to help calm me down (Breathing is on that list. Yep.)
*printouts of scriptures
*a reminder to play my playlist - Scripture Lullabies features highly in this playlist (the one labeled: EMERGENCY on my mp3 player) (you can also make playlists on YouTube, if you have an account, and even make them secret so that only you can see them)
*a few kleenex to remind me it's ok to cry
*a couple of prayers I've written, just in case the words won't come
As you can see, this bag of tricks should be tailor-made for yourself! Your needs and imagination are the only thing that limit you. Trust me, the next time you find yourself in an unforeseen anxiety emergency, you'll be SO glad you have this.
Heavenly Father, you know first-hand, better than anyone, how my anxious thoughts multiply within me! Thank You for the consolation of Your Spirit, Your Word, Your presence. These delight me, and I long to focus more on them than on the worries and fears. Thank You for helping me. In Jesus' Name, Amen...


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4 Comments on “Seek First Project: In Case of Emergency (Day 2)

  1. I love this idea, Shelly. I am going to start working on my emergency kit right away, since June will be loaded with stressful situations for me.

    • Bumping up my prayers for you in June! <3 Heart Hugs

  2. Thanks for this Shelly - such a great idea!
    I remember doing something similar before I went into hospital a few years ago - because hospitals are a real trigger for my stress - but so many "ordinary" times I could make use of this.

    Blessed to be seeking first, alongside you dear friend 🙂

    • Love you, Fiona!!! <3 Thank you for taking this journey with me! Heart Hugs

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