Seek First Project: The God Who Hears (Day 14)


Such people will not be overcome by evil.
    Those who are righteous will be long remembered.
They do not fear bad news;
    they confidently trust the Lord to care for them. – Psalm 112:6-7

Yesterday we were driving along and it was very windy out, as a storm was about to break. I saw a bird in the middle of the lake. He was flying just at the tops of the tufts of long grass growing on little islands in the water. He was flapping his little wings and going absolutely nowhere. See, he was flying against the wind. He wasn’t losing ground, but had to expand every bit of energy he had just to maintain his position.

I began to wonder about that little bird. I felt sorry for him. Didn’t he realize his flight was futile right now? Why didn’t he give up? At least wait the storm out?

And then the Spirit filled in the gaps for me.

The bird doesn’t take the time to contemplate his situation. He was created to fly, and so he keeps on flying. When he has to rest, He perches on whatever reed God has provided, and I had seen first-hand that God provides that resting place even in the middle of a large body of water! When the bird is rested, he resumes his flight. He doesn’t have a time-crunch, a goal or an agenda. He just flies.

Maybe that’s my problem, when worries flood in and push my mind into a frenzy. I think more than I trust. Contemplate more than I surrender. Fear more than I just go.

So today my activity was to research my favorite bird. Mine is a red-winged blackbird. I was looking for amazing ways that the birds trust their Creator. He made them to do just that, and I know I have a lot to learn from them.

Did you know that the red-winged blackbird is a marsh bird? They enjoy making their nests above water, in reeds or small shrubs. Sometimes the baby blackbirds fall into the water. They can swim a little to get hold of a cattail and climb out. Isn’t that amazing? Just like with us, God creates each one to be able to thrive in its specific environment!

I put a picture of my favorite bird in my journal.  Then I wrote the things I had learned about them. Amazing things. Things that inspire me to follow their gentle lead.

And the very hairs on your head are all numbered. So don’t be afraid; you are more valuable to God than a whole flock of sparrows. – Luke 12:7


God Who Hears, we desire nothing more than to have the trust of a sparrow. Please renew our faith. We believe, help our unbelief! In Jesus’ Name, Amen…


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3 Comments on “Seek First Project: The God Who Hears (Day 14)

  1. Thank you Shelly.
    Lord, I believe. Help me in my unbelief.
    Thank you for reminding me of this wonderful reassurance, that God hears us, sees us, and will always provide for us.
    I love your reminders, they encourage and inspire me.
    Love you,

  2. Shelly, I have a bird story also. One night years ago we were at the ocean during a very windy rainstorm. There was a lone seagull on the sand. He was huddled up, facing into the storm as the rain & wind pummeled him. If he had turned his back to the storm, he would have been carried away, to certain injury or death. I will never forget that image of steadfastly facing the storm. Surely there was somewhere he could have taken shelter? After all, the other gulls were no where in sight. But his Creator told him to face the storm and be protected by His hand. I often return to that memory when I feel that I cannot fight the storm. I like to believe God used that gull, to teach me that night about courage.

  3. Great message Shelly! I chose the Rainbow Lorikeet as they’re sooooo colourful. They live in pairs & are monogamous, usually for a lifetime! They fly in pairs & defend their partner to allow them to digest their food calmly. Love the messages about caring for their mate. LOTSoluv Kerryn

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