Seek First Project: You Are Very Precious to God! (Day 111)

“Don’t be afraid,” he said, “for you are very precious to God. Peace! Be encouraged! Be strong!”

As he spoke these words to me, I suddenly felt stronger and said to him, “Please speak to me, my lord, for you have strengthened me.” – Daniel 10:19

Please speak to me, for you have strengthened me. 

We have the precious, strengthening Words God has spoken to us. They’re all right there in the Bible, every single awesome one. 

What the sum of them says is this:
“Don’t be afraid, for you are very precious to God. Peace! Be encouraged! Be strong!”

Have you read what the Lord has spoken? Have you written it on your heart? 

He is able to suddenly strengthen you. 

I’m spending some real time in the Word today. I’m listening. I hope you will, too.


Holy God, how amazing it is that You still speak to us today, through Your timeless Word! Thank You for strengthening us when we worry. Thank You for words that chase away fear, and comfort the anxious heart. In Jesus’ Name, Amen…


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