Seek First Project: Take One Deep Breath (Day 52)

When you are arrested, don’t worry about how to respond or what to say. God will give you the right words at the right time. - Matthew 10:19

Stress can really make me feel snippy. I lash out without meaning to lash out.

I'm grumpy because of exhaustion. I'm scared because of fear, and it's much easier to express anger than it is to say that someone has been able to hurt of frighten me.

I'm practicing taking one deep breath before opening my mouth to answer anyone.

I consider that breath to be a prayer. A surrender.

I know that God will give me the words to say, the proper words. I trust that He can calm my anxious spirit in that single moment of a deep breath. Refocus me. Reassure me. Realign everything.

Do you have this trouble, too?

I want to respond, rather than react. I want to love, rather than lash.

I am memorizing these 2 scriptures this week. I will recite them in my mind as I take a deep breath, or two, before responding. Perhaps the second one will remind me that sometimes it's better to listen than to speak?

May my tongue stick to the roof of my mouth
    if I fail to remember you,
    if I don’t make Jerusalem my greatest joy. - Psalm 137:6

The tongue can bring death or life;
those who love to talk will reap the consequences. - Proverbs 18:21


Heavenly Father, I want You to give me the words to speak. I want You to help me to be silent when I need to be silent. Help me to make my tongue less of a weapon, less sharp, and less clumsy. In Jesus' Name, Amen...

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