The Touchstone

I will steady him with my hand;
with my powerful arm I will make him strong. – Psalm 89:21

So I have this thing with my balance… basically, I have none. Sometimes it’s like my head is spinning around and around. Sometimes it’s like I can’t tell where I am in space. Like the floor gets there before I think it’s going to. Most often it’s like being on a boat. A tiny boat. In a storm.

However I describe it, it’s for sure one thing… Scary.

I like hallways. Not just because I don’t have as far to fall, but because I can walk along with my hand touching the wall.

Sometimes that’s all it takes, just that touch, for me to feel less fearful. It doesn’t make the room stop spinning, but it does give me more of a feeling of where I am in the universe. It grounds me and gives me a point of reference for all the other things spinning around me.

Touching that wall steadies me.

The other day as I ambled along with my pinky grazing the wall, I was thinking about how that simple act parallels our faith.

Sometimes our troubles keep us off-balance. It feels like we’re spinning around and around, almost like we’re caught in this whirlpool of stunning news and issues that can’t be pinned down. In the midst of this grief, we can have a hard time knowing where we are in space.

It’s scary, isn’t it?

The touch of Jesus won’t always make the room stop spinning, but putting one foot in front of the other somehow seems more do-able with our hand on that steady wall of His presence. Instantly we can know where we are in the universe. We are right in His arms. God’s touch grounds me. It gives me a solid point of reference for all the spinning things around me.

He’s there. He can steady you. He’s waiting to steady you.

Let your pinky reach right out and I just know you’ll feel it. You’ll know. And it will be enough.

Heavenly Father, You’re always there, aren’t you? Steadying me. I can never thank you enough. Please grant each precious soul reading this an extra measure of Your grace today. In Jesus’ Name, Amen…

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3 Comments on “The Touchstone

  1. Shell, wait a GREAT devotional! To saw I totally get would be an understatement. You, barb, and I all weeble wobbles!
    But like you said I’m so grateful to know Jesus right there to steady me, He’s my Grounding wire, and wall of support. I love your comparison. Such true and focused perspective on He who is always present, loving, strengthening.
    Be blessed dear friend! Di

  2. What a wonderful encouragement this was to me today! I love this thought of how a tiny touch can steady and ground us. I find myself reaching out to Jesus more and more and holding on for dear life….mine is more like a whole hand clinging with all my might these days! I am so sorry for your pain and illness, dear friend, and I am amazed at how God uses it to provide such inspiration for others. You get so many precious thoughts from the things you suffer, and how blessed we are that you share them here! God bless you today, my sister!

  3. Thanks Shelly….in my own way I needed to find a way to bring me back into balance….and from now on I will envision your pinky as you walk the hall…. and pray I remember to hold mine out to touch Him to bring me back into balance too.
    Amy is coming to visit and instead of a crazy stress-filled perfectionist mama, I want to be a peace-filled mama trusting in Jesus IN me to be enough and not relying on my own [in]abilities ~! Pinkies out ~! and on we go….depending on Him to balance our imperfections with His perfection.
    Love you precious friend,,,,sorry it’s so hard ~! Praying !!

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