Tips on Tuesday: Beat the Heat

An extra tip from last week’s post:

* With so many viruses and corrupted files out there, many EMT’s and such will not use the medical USB stick that I told you about! Good information to keep in mind!

And now, on to today’s tip!


The generous will prosper;
    those who refresh others will themselves be refreshed. – Proverbs 11:25

I don’t know about you, but this summer has had some brutal temperatures to endure, and so far it’s not looking like an end is in sight!

And so, for that reason, I decided that today would be a good day to give tips on beating the summer heat!

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The first tip is, of course, air conditioning! I pray that all of you have this. If not, or if you have to spend the day out of the house, try and choose a destination that is indoors. Or simply go for a drive in an air-conditioned vehicle.

I have an icepack that can be tied around my neck, that I wear anytime I will be out in the heat. It really does help keep the temperatures from getting to me. There are cooling vests and cool cloth products, as well, that may better meet your needs, depending on how long you will be exposed and how much you are affected by heat.

There are many public pools that have mobility lifts to get you into and out of the water with ease. Research your local area and call to find out what handicap access they have for you! A great way to beat the heat is to get into the water!

I carry an umbrella with me everywhere I go. I use it much more for heat than I do for rain. It makes instant shade, no matter where you are. A hat is nice, but doesn’t give enough coverage if you’re really going to be out in it. If you’re in a wheel or power chair, there are even set-ups that will allow an umbrella to be opened and attached to the chair so that your hands are still free.

The last tip I have for beating the heat of summer is to stay hydrated! I cannot stress this enough! Dehydration does bad things to our bodies, no matter what our health issues are. Drink, drink, drink! Avoid caffeine, which is known to dehydrate. Eat high water volume fruit and veggies, like watermelon. Refreshing and delicious, but good for you, too!

I hope you’re all staying cool. Autumn will be here soon, thank goodness.


Heavenly Father, keep us cool and facing forward. We love you. In Jesus’ Name, Amen…

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2 Comments on “Tips on Tuesday: Beat the Heat

  1. There are special fabrics you can wear that you dampen and as they evaporate, they specifically cool. I have a sample of the arm bands from Columbia Omni Freeze, I would love a shirt made out of this material!

    I am also seriously considering buying a “Cool Fat Buster” because it’s apparently a very excellent, long lasting product, to wear around my house when I need to be cooled (a few of my friends have it). At least I need to get a vest (wanted to make one but it never happened this summer) to insert ice packs, I function SO much better when I’m chilled. I slow to molasses pace when I’m hot, even if the AC is on but not pumping out enough (which is often if it’s hot out unfortunately). Been up since 2:45am because I didn’t turn the fan back on before bed, on top of the AC and ceiling fan. 🙁

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