Weep with Those Who Weep

Rejoice with those who rejoice, and weep with those who weep.
– Romans 12:15

Those Who Weep. Sometimes I feel like that’s my Indian name, have you ever felt that way?

I’ve read plenty about those with our conditions needing people to fulfill this scripture in their interactions with us. We all know how desperately important it is for us to feel validated in our struggles, and how that can lead to such immense emotional healing. What I want to write about today is something that I sometimes struggle with.


Sometimes I struggle with weeping with those who weep.

Have you ever been there? Sometimes my struggles are so very deep, so immensely painful, so unabashedly chronic that I feel like others’ problems pale in comparison. It hard to work up a good cry over Suzy’s hangnail, ya know what I mean?

Now don’t get me wrong, I don’t always feel this way. But when someone is complaining of having to cook supper tonight when all I pray for some days is for the energy to cook a meal for my family again, or when someone says something like, “I can’t take this anymore” just because they’ve been cooped in the house with a cold for 2 days…. 2 days, when it’s been 20 for me… it’s really difficult not to scoff. Really. Difficult.

But I’m not called to scoff. I’m not challenged to compare. I’m not driven to judge. The above scripture applies just as much to me as it does toward me from others.

I am called to share the yoke. I am challenged to listen with a Godly heart. I am called to take at face value and react in kind.

Today I am working on changing my attitude. Today, and every day from this point on, I will be weeping with those who weep. For hangnails or cancer diagnoses, for overfull schedules and weary fighters. Each broken moment is significant to God. And it will be significant to me.

Father, please forgive me for my sometimes callous attitude and my tendency to compare. Change me, Lord, as only you can. In Jesus’ Name, Amen…

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3 Comments on “Weep with Those Who Weep

  1. A lovely post. Long bouts of depression, fatigue, chronic pain are my crosses to bear, but I am blessed to have discovered a well of compassion within that flows deep. I did laugh at some of the post, though, because I have been less than understanding with people lately who weep and gnash their teeth with frustration at passing circumstances such as minor political choices made in the city where I live. I judge them – too young, ignorant, arrogant, or some other thing – for allowing themselves to throw away their peace and well-being over issues that will pass and soon be forgotten. I forget that it is not my place nor is it helpful to judge. It is just as ignorant and arrogant, a sign of my spiritual immaturity, or some other thing. Like meditating, I do not berate myself for this forgetting, I simply bring my attention back to the path, to the light, and try to maintain my focus for as long as I can until I forget again – and I know I will as I have before – and then I will refocus my attention on understanding and compassion.

    Again, a lovely post.

    • Stephanie, thanks for taking the time to comment! I’m glad to know I’m not the only one who has these difficulties and cycles. 🙂 Heart Hugs, Shelly <3

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