When the Anger Calls the Shots

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There are “friends” who destroy each other, but a real friend sticks closer than a brother. – Proverbs 18:24

We were watching a TV show tonight and something happened that really made me think.

A young man made a decision to take a job that put him in harm’s way. By the end of the show, of course tragedy had struck. It ended well, but within the hour long program, every single person who loved that brave young man was put in danger in their bid to bring him home safely.

This life of chronic illness, sometimes all it makes me feel is an immense amount of anger. I become so frustrated with the things my body will no longer do. I feel so much anger at how much pain I’m supposed to endure. And oh how the anger boils when I think about how much I have lost.

Sometimes it boils and boils until I push myself purposely past my limits. I guess it’s a mix between punishing my body and testing to be sure things are still real. I guess there’s no way to explain it, but I bet you don’t need me to if you are also chronically ill.

Sometimes the anger morphs into a despair that has limitless depths. It’s all too easy to fall into depression and all of it’s self-destructive trappings if you let the anger seethe long enough.

So here’s what the television show taught me. These times that we put our physical or emotional selves in danger, no matter the reason, those who love us waltz right in after us, every single time.

The people who love you (and I hope you have me on that list) strap on their helmets and grab their tools and race right into the fire to find us. They don’t even hesitate. There’s a beautiful thing about that kind of love. It’s sacrificial. It’s crazy brave. And it’s no-hold-barred forever.

As I watched last night’s show, I reflected on the fact that the young man in danger never would have knowingly put those he loved in that position. He would, in fact, have walked through coals to keep them safe. And yet, here they were, each and every one of them, trapped in that powerful situation right along with him. And there’s no where else they’d have wanted to be. Until they brought him home, they had no real home to return to.

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Do you remember that you are someone’s home, Dear One? You are their reason for being crazy brave. You are a part of mine, too.

Will you do me a favor? Will you reach out to one of us the next time you’re about to allow anger and frustration to take hold and demand action? Would you ask for help from one of us the next time you’re in the grasp of depression and despair?

Cause we’re coming. We’re strapping and grabbing and racing right for you. Not out of obligation. Out of our need for you. Our love for you. The fact that the light goes out without you here.

Heavenly King, please be with the beautiful soul reading this right now. Please grant peace and calm and comfort. Please let them know that they are seen, they are loved, and they are oh-so-needed. In Jesus’ Name, Amen…

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8 Comments on “When the Anger Calls the Shots

  1. “Carry each other’s burdens, and in this way you will fulfill the law of Christ.” Galatians 6:2 Standing by our loved ones in sickness and in health and being comforted knowing that they would do the same is such a blessing!

    <3 Joan
    Joan recently posted…By The StreamMy Profile

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  3. What a beautiful post and song. I’m so sorry that you have to face illness. I think you show the heart of God as you seek to minister to others through the pain you have felt. God bless you. He is with us always!

  4. Dear, sweet, Shelly. I’ve missed your inspiring and encouraging words. The choices we make affect others, it’s so easy to forget that. Have a blessed weekend.

  5. I can get so mad at my neck, my whatever that hurts…I just want to hit it! I don’t because I know it won’t solve anything and could cause more problems. Right now I’m trying to think of what I can do that would get my mind off pain.
    And sometimes it’s not something I think will help but it does. So I will sit in a chair on the back porch and watch the dogs play. I’m thankful I can do that. Love you sweet friend

    • I hear you Linda Holleman, about wanting to smack your neck, or wherever….
      I hope watching the dogs play distracted you for awhile. Saying prayers for you.

  6. “This life of chronic illness, sometimes all it makes me feel….”
    Shelly you’ve put into words exactly how I often feel, and you’re right, sometimes it Is trying to punish my body, and test it. And how often I wander into the ‘who really needs me like this’ area, but you’ve given me much food for thought.
    Thank you for your prayers, and for loving me.
    I love you and am always encouraged by Renewed Daily.
    God bless you today.

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