The Adoption of the Broken ( #yourlifestillcounts )

So you have not received a spirit that makes you fearful slaves. Instead, you received God’s Spirit when he adopted you as his own children. Now we call him, “Abba, Father.” For his Spirit joins with our spirit to affirm that we are God’s children. – Romans 8:15-16

photo credit: D.Munoz-Santos via photopin cc

photo credit: D.Munoz-Santos via photopin cc

I sit here in the corner,
in the dark.

I don’t even dream anymore
of a family who will love me

want me
choose me.

They choose the newest babies
still moldable,

smelling sweet.

They choose the ones
who still have a sparkle in their eyes
to match the glimmer of their perfect blond hair.

But You

You walk a little farther
peer a little harder

into shadowy edges,
into the forgotten places.

The forgotten broken

like me.

You slide down the wall to sit beside me
holey hands braced casually on holy knees

like you have all the time in the world
to woo me.

We speak of the past
and you show me your bottle,

the one where you kept every tear.

We speak of the present
and You let me lean on your chest
as I sigh.

You bring up the future
and my walls crumble.

How could they possibly stand
in the force of the adoration

shining in Your eyes?

You hint at amazing things to come.
You promise things I’m almost too scared to hope for…

You take my hand
and lead me out into the sunlight.

I kneel to worship at Your feet,
but you gently lift up my face

and say softly,
“Call Me Abba.”


The above poem was written by me. My inspiration was a book that came to my mailbox. It’s called Your Life Still Counts, and it’s by Tracie Miles. Oh, dear ones, each chapter swept me along on a journey that built confidence and assurance and hope and beauty. The beauty of me. That’s still hard to say, but it’s getting easier.

Tracie has included the stories of 20 wonderful sisters… one in each chapter, woven beautifully into her own story of redemption and rescue. Every woman should read this book. There will be plenty to relate to, lots of encouragement, and practical exercises to get you off and running in this crazy life you’ve been called to.


I’m giving away a SIGNED COPY of Your Life Still Counts: How God Uses Your Past to Create a Beautiful Future. Whatever is holding you back, be it illness, disability, shame, sin, embarrassment, it can all be used for His purpose. You matter.

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Your Life Still Counts

This post is part of Tracie Miles’ Your Life Still Counts blog tour and I am excited to be a part of spreading this powerful message that God can use all things to His glory and turn our past into our purpose. I’m just one of many awesome bloggers participating in this tour, so if you want to join in on the blog tour, CLICK HERE  for all the info!

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26 Comments on “The Adoption of the Broken ( #yourlifestillcounts )

  1. Lynn this is so beautiful. Thank you.
    I’m finding this so very encouraging. The image of God bending down to my level and finding me worth lifting up is just so wonderful and heartwarming.
    He thinks I’m worth it! He thinks I’m worth it!
    I needed to hear this today. I need to hear this every day to counteract what I experience, every day.
    I’m saving this page to my ‘favourites’ to remind me “I AM worth it”.
    Love you <3

    • Oh, wow, Sharita, I can’t wait to see what God brings you to through this! Love you! Heart Hugs, Shelly <3

  2. What a beautiful poem! You spoke these words right into my heart. Honestly, I didn’t know I needed to hear these words but now it’s so clear that I did, so thank you! Thank you. What a blessing it was to find my way here.
    Ronja recently posted…God with usMy Profile

    • ((((Ronja)))) It’s a pleasure to meet you. I’m so glad God could get His message to you through this poem today. You matter. You are chosen and loved. Heart Hugs, Shelly <3

  3. Loved reading this Shelly, beautiful imagery…also I’m going to find the book you mentioned!

  4. What a beautiful poem! I love my Heavenly Daddy! I’m forever grateful that He chose me. He makes the broken beautiful. Today, I posted this status on Facebook: “Give God all your broken pieces and He will make a magnificent mosaic that reflects His glory and grace!” Thanks, Shelly, for sharing your poem & the song, and for a chance to win the book!
    Urailak @LivingforGod recently posted…Be CheerfulMy Profile

    • Urailak, it’s a pleasure to meet you! Thank you for sharing your status here. So beautiful! Heart Hugs, Shelly <3

    • Thank you, Dawn! So glad you were encouraged! Heart Hugs, Shelly <3

    • I am forever grateful that He does, Lisha! Heart Hugs, Shelly <3

    • Love His grace and mercy, Deb! Love you, too! Heart Hugs, Shelly <3

    • It’s amazing, isn’t it, Beth? Thank you for blessing me with your encouragement. Heart Hugs, Shelly <3

  5. Shelly – your poem is breath-taking – took my breath away to good places!
    Your poem makes me want to pursue Tracie’s book – will pray about that.
    I am having epiphany moments as I read through Marlo S.’s “Wrestling With Wonder” – had an amazing breakthrough this morning which surely was an “Abba” moment.

    I have not been receiving your email notices for “Renewed Daily” – not sure why so will sign up again.

    Love you!

    • I really have loved the book, Lynn! So glad you’re enjoying “Wrestling with Wonder”, too! I’d love to hear about your “Abba” moment. Thank you for letting me know about the email notices…. I’ll have Brian look into that.

      Love you, sweet friend! Heart Hugs, Shelly <3

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