Recommendation Saturday: Why Me?

 Be still, and know that I am God! I will be honored by every nation. I will be honored throughout the world.” - Psalm 46:10



There aren't many who are willing to delve into the honest, gritty truths of suffering in today's world. I know a man who does so with faith, conviction, and a rare insight.
His name is Jim Davis.

 What he offers is hope. He's offered it to all of us through his website for some time now.

 And now he is offering it through his book, Why Me? And Why That's the Wrong Question.

 This book is available for pre-order through Amazon, at a special price. It will be released on January 14, 2014. What a great way to ring in the new year!

 Here's what Jim says about the book:

 I wish nobody ever needed a book about suffering, but it is something we all go through. Before your trial makes you lose heart, I hope you will take a look, and then rest in what the Bible shares. Because it’s good news. Really good news.

 You can read more about it, including an interview with the author here.

 Give yourself or a struggling loved one the gift of hope this new year... eternal hope.


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8 Comments on “Recommendation Saturday: Why Me?

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    • Absolutely, Lyli! Any post you share is just fine. So happy you linked up with us today! Heart Hugs, Shelly <3

  2. Thanks for the heads up on the book, Shelly. I seem to say "why me" often over the past few months. I know it's not the right question...but it still bounces around in my head. I'm trusting God for I know He has a plan in all things...but, encouragement from His word always helps!! Thanks again!

    Blessings, Joan
    Joan recently posted...Only the BeginningMy Profile

    • P.S. I just went to Jim Davis' site (great name by the way - lol) and ordered the book! I can't wait for it to be available and in my hands! Thanks again, Shelly! Really.
      Joan recently posted...Only the BeginningMy Profile

      • Oh, Joan, I am so sorry to hear that you're in a "why me" cycle of life. I sure know how that feels! I'm so glad that God is letting you know that He hears you and that His word offers answers if we ask the right questions. Praying for you, and hoping that this book will help. Thanks so much for stopping by today! Heart Hugs, Shelly <3

  3. Thank you for this great recommendation, Shelly!
    Gratefully, my mother taught me early on not to ask the 'why me?'' question, instead to realize 'why not me?' and learn to live fully anyway!
    I truly appreciate Jim Davis' suggestion to ask "What can God do with this?" - very inspiring!
    God bless you, Shelly!
    <3 J

    • Jennifer, I'm so glad you stopped by! I appreciate Jim, too! You're right, the words God gives him are very inspiring, and something that so many people in today's world need to hear. May God bless you richly in the coming year! Heart Hugs, Shelly <3

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