When He Quoted Myself to Me

“Prepare your shields, and advance into battle!" - Jeremiah 46:3

This week I've been listening. Taking the quiet as an invitation and tuning in. He's spoken to me through the healing words of friends, reminding me of restored relationships and the precious gifts they are. He's spoken to me through songs, both new and old. He's spoken to me through hugs and smiles and kind words from others. The isolation is lessening. The fear is receding.

But the main thing He's done has blown my mind a little. The main thing He's done is remind me of my own words. Past posts that I've written that I have forgotten all about. When I go back and read them, they seem even truer now than they did then. How did my younger self know that I would need those today, that they would become my own lifeline? The Holy Spirit.

And so today I share the one that has kept me going all week. Through next week, I'll be sharing others, resurrecting them if you will. I hope you don't mind. This first one happens to be one I recorded before my voice troubles began.

Heavenly Lord, it amazes me how You gave me these words knowing how desperately I would need them right this minute. Thank You for reminding me. In Jesus' Name, Amen...

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5 Comments on “When He Quoted Myself to Me

  1. Shelly - how true what you have shared has been in my life.
    This summer (since early June) has been filled with medical evaluations for pain, seemingly referred pain from back discs. There have been epidural spinal injections (no relief) and MRIs and currently injections in my knee (no relief) and a consolation on this Monday (8/29) with a neurologist/spine specialist to have him put all the pieces together to come to some evaluation.

    BUT - in the midst of these months (and pain), I got the first round of my manuscript typeset. It was my job to go through every letter, word, formatting and make notation of any corrections (and there were many with the formatting). What happened is that in reading all 60 of my devotionals written 6 years ago - and not really read thoroughly for a few years, they seemed brand new and the messages in them were what I have needed. Some I could barely remember writing!!

    Yes. God chose to "quote me (Him) back to me". What a great way to express it.
    Lynn+Severance recently posted...Anniversary Thanksgivings!My Profile

  2. Thank you for these words. God surely knows what we need when we need it. I find I keep needing to adapt to a new "new normal" over and over again. How often I have told myself I see no next step. "Just keep going" is my new mantra. I have the perfect piece of artwork, which I saw as unfinished and had no idea how to complete, as the perfect three words to serve as a daily reminder. God bless you for sharing v

  3. Shelly, I LOVE this♥♥♥
    God is so good to allow you to receive encouragement from your own words!
    What an awesome God we serve.
    And I loved the words of this post for they ring so true!
    We do wake up one morning and realize, "hey, I haven't cried in three days!" or whined and complained for at least six hours! I'm making progress!
    These three phrases will stick with me
    I love you my sweet Bestie ♡♡♡♥♥♥
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  4. I love hearing your dear voice!! And to be reminded that life keeps going. It's good to remember how He got us through each big difficulty and to trust Him?

  5. OH! (((Preciosa))) Thank you for letting God continue to speak so lovingly through you!
    Thank you for hearing Him afresh and sharing this heartfelt inspiration to "just keep going."
    Know you are in my heart, thoughts and prayers. . .
    te amo

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